The price of MDF services is based on the rate approved by the carpenters union.

پانل بر اتوماتیک

The cost of cutting sheets

  • A paper 366*183
  • A paper 366*210
  • Foamed cut
  • High glass cut
  • Cut three shafts
  • Cut the page three cm
  • Cut the page five cm
لبه چسبان pvc

The cost of gluing per meter of PVC

  • One mm white gloss
  • Two mm white gloss
  • One mm colored gloss
  • Two mm colored gloss
  • Special colors
  • Double glossy
  • Getting paid

Decoration design cost

  • modern kitchen
  • Classic kitchen
  • Modern wardrobe and decor
  • Classic wardrobe and decor
  • Interior and exterior spaces
سی ان سی چوب و ام دی اف

CNC cost

  • every minute
دستگاه دورکن

Solt Cost

  • every minute
دستگاه پرس وکیوم


  • each tray

Note: All prices are in Tomans.

The price of MDF services

The price of MDF sheet cutting varies according to the size and type of sheet. The cost of cutting services is stated above separately for the types of panels.

The cost of cutting the sheet mentioned above is for the automatic panel machine. The cutting fee with the Durken machine is different according to the working time of the machine.

PVC edging tape service pricing

The price of PVC edge banding service varies according to the size of the band. The cost of gluing each meter of PVC is stated above for all types of sheets.

Cationix workshop uses the best and highest quality adhesive available in the market for gluing PVC sheets, so that it can be delivered to the customer with the best quality of work.

If the CNC plan is ready, the CNC fee is calculated per minute based on the working time of the machine.

The price of vacuum coating for each tray is stated above.

The cost of kitchen design and wall cabinets below 4 meters are fixed and the size of the kitchen does not change the cost of kitchen design. The cost of designs with a kitchen and decoration outside the kitchen space is slightly higher than kitchens without a kitchen.

The design price of other spaces will vary according to the size of the work. After sending the dimensions by the client, according to the complexity of the space and dimensions, the cost of the design is estimated.

We are very pleased that you have chosen CutUnix for your service.

The price of MDF services is one of the most important issues in the wood industry business. The rate for MDF services is announced by the carpenters’ union every year, and each workshop is obliged to receive wages according to this rate. Of course, depending on the conditions and policies of each workshop, these amounts can be less than this amount. In addition to this, the MDF CutUnix service workshop considers discount plans for various occasions. These plans will be communicated through the communication channels of the workshop with customers.

How to get paid for services in CutUnix workshop
According to the market conditions, the purchase of MDF sheets from the workshop is in cash. But it is possible to provide services in the form of checks and conditions. To know the conditions, you can contact the workshop through communication channels.

One of the important advantages of entrusting MDF services to the MDF CutUnix service workshop is the speed, accuracy and delicacy of cutting, accurate dimensional tolerances and very low sheet deviation. which has been able to satisfy the needs of many industries by providing these services.

The special advantage of this workshop is that it is equipped with a transport fleet and will deliver customer orders at the project site.

Online and immediate consultation

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