3D design of kitchen and interior spaces

Technical Specifications:
طراحی آشپزخانه

Design orders in the Cut Unix collection are done in person. Therefore, it is possible to receive decoration design orders from all over the country.

You can see examples of designs done below:

To view more portfolios, see the 3D design portfolio page

The main activity of the design department of the workshop is the design of all types of cabinets, both classic and modern, as well as the design of wall cabinets and showcases. In addition, it is active in the field of designing all kinds of interior spaces such as residential, commercial and office spaces as well as exterior spaces such as facade design, green space and roof garden.

֍ Types of decoration design ֍

طراحی آشپزخانه

Kitchen design

طراحی کمد دیواری

Cabinet and showcase design

طراحی داخلی

Types of interior and facade

֍ Procedures for registering a design order ֍

1- Post dimensions

2- Contact the designer and coordinate the details

3- Design and rendering

4- Deposit by the employer

5- Send pictures

6- Make changes as needed

֍Cost of kitchen design and decoration֍

The cost of kitchen design and wall cupboards below 4 meters is fixed and the size of the kitchen does not change the cost of kitchen design. The cost of designs with a kitchen and decoration outside the kitchen space is slightly higher than kitchens without a kitchen. You can see the fixed costs from the table opposite.

  • Modern kitchen
  • Classic kitchen
  • Modern wardrobe and decor
  • Classic wardrobe and decor
  • Interior and exterior spaces

The design price of other spaces will be different according to the size of the work. After sending the dimensions by the client, the design cost will be estimated according to the complexity of the space and the dimensions, and after the client’s approval, the work will be referred to the designer to start the design.

֍ Advantages of outsourcing the design to CutUnix workshop ֍

By entrusting kitchen design services to our workshop, the process of cabinet analysis and calculation of cutting dimensions is done for free for the client. Then the required sheets are provided, cutting and edge banding services are performed. And finally, the work is delivered to the employer in a ready and hassle-free manner.

֍ Other MDF workshop services ֍

Cationix service workshop is equipped with automatic paneling machine, PVC and CNC adhesive edge and turning machine, so complete MDF services are performed in this workshop.

Also, Cut Unix workshop, as one of the MDF dealers in Isfahan, can supply the sheets you need at a reasonable price.

Our colleagues at CutUnix workshop in Isfahan do their best to satisfy our dear customers. With one try, you will become our permanent customer.

MDF services provided in the workshop
Design portfolio
Urgent Consultation

To consult, order services and inquire about the updated price of the sheet, proceed through the following link:

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