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To the set of operations performed on the MDF sheet to turn it into a product; It is called MDF service.

In the past, this operation was done with simple machines, like sheet cutting in cabinet making workshops. But today, with the advancement of technology and the construction of advanced devices, this operation is entrusted to the MDF service workshop. These workshops are equipped with advanced devices and provide sheet, cutting, PVC, CNC and vacuum operations. Finally, the work is ready to be delivered to the work cabinet, and the work cabinet only performs assembly and installation operations.

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֍ Introducing CutUnix workshop services֍

In the workshop, we use an advanced automatic panel cutting machine to cut MDF sheets. These devices, with high precision and suitable speed, allow us to cut MDF sheets with exact dimensions and without any errors. This strength assures our customers that they receive high quality products with accurate dimensions from us.

In the PVC edge band service department, we care about providing quality services and complete product delivery to customers. PVC edging tape adds beauty and strength to your MDF products. Our team glues the edge tape on the MDF sheet with high precision and using professional equipment.

In the field of CNC services on MDF, we use advanced technologies. Our team consists of experienced professionals who create creative and intelligent designs on MDF sheets using CNC software. This method allows customers to receive products with unique designs and detailed details from us.

We proudly offer MDF sheets of different brands to our customers. Also, our team has high capabilities in the field of decoration design. If you are looking for creative ideas and designs to decorate your spaces, we are ready to help you in this field.

One of the important advantages of entrusting MDF services to the MDF Cut Unix service workshop is the speed, accuracy and delicacy of cutting, accurate dimensional tolerances and very low sheet deviation. which has been able to satisfy the needs of many industries by providing these services.

The special advantage of this workshop is that it is equipped with a transport fleet and will deliver customer orders at the project site.

You can safely entrust your complete MDF services to the skilled workers of the MDF Cut Unix service workshop.

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