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Technical specifications:
خدمات سی ان سی

֍ CNC services on MDF ֍

One of the main MDF service machines is the CNC lathe. This art has become a profitable industry today.

CNC cutting and engraving services are performed in two steps:

1- Design  

2- Execution

Design stage:

To implement the design on MDF by CNC machine, first the design pattern must be drawn by one of the 3D software such as CAD. In this way, the device will implement your plan on wood or MDF.

CNC service execution steps

1- Different dimensions of mdf sheets are placed on the device.

2- The desired pattern is entered into the device after designing.

3- At the end, the device starts working and the design is implemented on the MDF sheet.

See some examples of CNCs done in CutUnix  workshop:

֍ Cutting with a CNC machine ֍

MDF CNC cutting is one of the important services in the industry of furniture and wooden products, which is done with the help of advanced CNC machines. This service includes cutting MDF sheets with different thicknesses easily and with high precision to produce parts needed in different sectors of industry and construction. MDF cutting using CNC machines, it is possible to cut parts of different sizes and shapes with high precision and in the shortest possible time. In the furniture and wooden products industry, MDF cutting is considered one of the vital services because this service allows the production of parts with precise dimensions and various shapes. Using CNC machines, parts such as doors and windows, cabinets, tables and chairs, etc. can be cut with high precision. This service also performs the design of parts easily and with this method, it is possible to produce high quality parts and more efficiency. Get more information in this field from the CNC technology article.

برش سی ان سی

֍ Applications of CNC cutting ֍

  1. CNC on wood
  2. CNC on MDF
  3. Console and mirror frame
  4. In the membrane cabinet
  5. Geometric volumes
  6. Making customized samples according to customers’ files
نمای کابینت مدرن
نمای کابینت مدرن
نمای کمد دیواری
نمای کمد دیواری
نمای کابینت انزو
نمای کابینت انزو

֍ Delivery time of CNC MDF orders ֍

After the plan is prepared, depending on the type of plan and workload, CNC services will be delivered to the customer after three working days.

֍ The price of MDF CNC services ֍

The price of CNC services varies according to the complexity of the work plan. The more complex the design, the longer the machine will work, and as a result, the higher the price of cnc on the MDF sheet. The cost of this service is calculated per minute, the rate of which is determined by the joiners’ union every year.

Get the price list for services in the Cut Unix workshop from the following link:

֍ Other MDF workshop services ֍

CutUnix service workshop is also equipped with PVC and CNC gluing machine and lathe, so MDF services are performed in this workshop.

֍ Decoration design services ֍

MDF Cut Unix Industries is equipped with an experienced design team and provides interior and exterior decoration design services, especially kitchen design, in a professional manner.

Technical Specifications:

Design services are done online, so we can receive orders from all over the country.

See examples of 3D decoration design here.

By entrusting the services to the MDF service workshop, your time will be saved; So you can handle more orders.

Our colleagues at CutUnix workshop in Isfahan do their best to satisfy our dear customers. With one try, you will become our permanent customer.

MDF services provided in the workshop
Design portfolio
Urgent Consultation

To consult, order services and inquire about the updated price of the sheet, proceed through the following link:

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