Technical Specifications:
برش ورق ام دی اف

֍ MDF cutting services in Isfahan ֍

MDF cutting with a cutting machine includes precise and high-quality cuts on MDF sheets. With very sharp and precise blades, the cutting machine makes cuts with different dimensions, shapes and combinations on MDFs without errors and in the form of a sheet. Using this machine, we can easily cut MDF sheets in different shapes and sizes, which cannot be done in other machines. MDF cutting is used as an economical and efficient method for wooden parts such as tables, chairs, interior decoration, etc. due to the low cost and high speed of the cutting machine.

Below you can see examples of sheets cut with a cutting machine.

֍ MDF cutting delivery time ֍

If you work in the cabinet and decoration industry, you need an MDF cutting machine in order to be able to deliver your orders to the customer on time with quality and elegance. Buying an automatic MDF cutting machine for every construction workshop is not cost effective at all. The best way is to order cutting services from MDF service workshops.

CutUnix MDF service workshop in Isfahan is equipped with an automatic panel machine (cut). You can entrust the cutting of all kinds of sheets to this workshop.

The workshop’s use of advanced devices and skilled and experienced personnel minimizes sheet waste.

The delivery time of cutting and related services is three working days after the supply of sheets. So feel free to place your order.

֍ MDF sheet cutting price ֍

At CutUnix Collection, we provide cutting services on all types of sheets, such as MDF, high-gloss, chipboard, etc. The cost of cutting services varies according to the type of sheet. From this table, you can see the price list of sheet cutting services.

  • A number of papers 366*183
  • A number of papers 366*210
  • Foamed cut
  • High glass cut
  • Cut a three mm sheet
  • Cut the page 3 cm
  • Cut the page five cm

֍ Other MDF services ֍

CutUnix service workshop is also equipped with PVC and CNC gluing machine and dorkon, so complete MDF services are performed in this workshop.

֍ Decoration design services ֍

MDF Cut Unix Industries is equipped with an experienced design team and provides interior and exterior decoration design services, especially kitchen design, in a professional manner.

Technical Specifications:

Design services are done offline, so we can receive orders from all over the country.

See examples of 3D decoration design here.

By entrusting the services to the MDF service workshop, your time will be saved; So you can handle more orders.

֍ supply of MDF sheet ֍

تامین ورق ام دی اف

You can also entrust the task of supplying sheets to our colleagues. The sales representative of several reputable companies is a guarantee of purchasing sheets at a reasonable price by the workshop.

To buy all kinds of MDF sheets from the most reliable domestic and foreign brands, as well as to inquire about the price of MDF sheets, contact this number: 09132323386

Our colleagues at CutUnix workshop in Isfahan do their best to satisfy our dear customers. With one try, you will become our permanent customer.

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