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Technical Specifications:
خدمات وکیوم

One of the widely used devices in the MDF industry is the vacuum press. By applying pressure, this device glues a strong and flexible coating on the surface of wood or mdf.

A vacuum press is used to bond veneer, laminate, and other thin materials to a wood substrate, but it can also be used to shape and join different wood pieces. They have several advantages over traditional scissors, including uniform pressure distribution over large surfaces, no damage to the work surface, and the ability to form complex bends and shapes. Overall, the vacuum press is a versatile, effective and efficient tool for many woodworking applications.

With the advent of vacuum technology and the construction of a vacuum press machine, the use of mdf sheets with membrane coating is one of the most widely used wooden products. So that all kinds of wooden products with vacuum membrane coating are available in the market. Membran has many fans due to its reasonable price and beautiful and diverse appearance, and the number of these fans is increasing every day. Membrane sheet, with which all kinds of cabinets are made, is mainly made of MDF with membrane coating. Membrane cabinet is one of the current trends in the cabinet market.

Among the services provided in the MDF Cut Unix service workshop are services related to vacuum membranes. Our workshop is ready to serve MDF and cabinet makers by using advanced and up-to-date equipment and skilled and experienced staff.

دستگاه پرس وکیوم

֍ Vacuum press standards in the Cut Unix workshop ֍

Vacuum pressing is done on MDF sheets with a thickness of 16 mm and above. Our machine is equipped with two trays with dimensions of 270*120, and the cost of vacuuming is calculated per tray.

استانداردهای وکیوم
استانداردهای وکیوم

֍ The products we produce for you ֍

• Membrane view of the throne and the bottom of the bed
• Membran closet view
• In the membrane cabinet
• LCD desk
• Table in front of the sofa

And all the artifacts that are made with coated sheets.
Below you can see an example of the work done in the workshop:

֍Why choose Cut Unix workshop for vacuum MDF services? ֍

1- Equipped with up-to-date and standard equipment to perform vacuum services
2- Using high-quality glue
3- Having an experienced and skilled staff to provide services
4- Due to the fact that the workshop is equipped with a cutting and CNC machine for making in a classic cabinet, there is no need to move between service workshops and all services are performed at once in Cut Unix. In this way, your time and money will be saved. You can even leave the sheet preparation to our colleagues. Be sure that the workshop uses quality sheets for the convenience of its work and to increase the quality of the vacuum.
5- The shortest delivery time
6- Equipped with a distribution and delivery fleet at the project site

֍MDF vacuum service price ֍

Various factors affect the pricing of vacuum MDF. Like the price of coating and glue used to perform the service. Therefore, at any time, according to the conditions, the MDF vacuum fee is determined. Usually a fee is charged per tray. And customers also ask the price of each vacuum tray. You can see the fee for this service from the MDF service fee page.

Get the price list for services in the CutUnix workshop from the following link:

CutUnix wood and MDF service workshop, as the most equipped service workshop in the west of Isfahan province, provides all services related to cabinets and decoration in a complex form to cabinet makers and bulk builders.

֍ Other MDF services ֍

CutUnix service workshop is also equipped with automatic panel machine, PVC and CNC adhesive edge and turning machine, so MDF services are performed in this workshop.

֍ Decoration design services ֍

MDF CutUnix Industries is equipped with an experienced design team and provides interior and exterior decoration design services, especially kitchen design, in a professional manner.

Technical Specifications:

Design services are done offline, so we can receive orders from all over the country.

See examples of 3D decoration design here.

Also, Cut Unix workshop, as one of the MDF dealers in Isfahan, can supply the sheets you need at a reasonable price.

Our colleagues at Cut Unix workshop in Isfahan do their best to satisfy our dear customers. With one try, you will become our permanent customer.

MDF services provided in the workshop
Design portfolio
Urgent Consultation

To consult, order services and inquire about the updated price of the sheet, proceed through the following link:

Online and instant advice

To consult, order services and inquire about the updated price of the sheet, proceed through the following link:

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