PVC MDF services

Technical specifications:
خدمات پی وی سی mdf

PVC edge band is a plastic band that is used in making wooden products such as cabinets, furniture and all kinds of wardrobes. This tape covers the rough edges of wood or MDF and makes it resistant to scratches and other damages. It also gives a beautiful view.

PVC edge strip service is one of the important services in the field of furniture, cabinet, door and window, chipboard, MDF, etc. manufacturing industry. This service includes covering the edges of the materials with PVC tape in order to protect, increase the beauty and quality of the materials used. These strips are produced and offered in different lengths and widths and with different permitted lengths. By using this service, you can prevent scratching, wear and moisture penetration into the MDF. Therefore, your wooden products will achieve more durability and stability against various external factors. In addition, these tapes can be easily installed and changed, and in the context of marketing competition, they also have a positive effect on reducing production costs.

دستگاه لبه چسبان pvc

֍ Application of PVC edge tape ֍

• Covering the edges of wood pieces
• Production of furniture
• Making kitchen cabinets and interior decoration
• Construction of wooden skeletons

֍The price of PVC MDF services ֍

The price of PVC services varies according to the size and type of selection tape. You can see the PVC service tariff from the table opposite. The amounts are in metric and in Tomans. This price list is announced annually by Droodgaran Union.

Our colleagues at the MDF CutUnix service workshop use the best and highest quality glue in the market to glue the edge tape. Therefore, you can safely order your PSC services to our workshop.

  • One mm white gloss
  • Two mm white gloss
  • One mm of shiny color
  • Two mm glossy color
  • Special colors
  • Double glossy
  • salary

Cationics wood and MDF service workshop, as the most equipped service workshop in the west of Isfahan province, provides all services related to cabinets and decoration in a complex form to cabinet makers and bulk builders.

֍ Other MDF workshop services ֍

Cutunix service workshop is equipped with automatic paneling machine, PVC and CNC adhesive edge and turning machine, so complete MDF services are performed in this workshop.

֍ Decoration design services ֍

MDF Cut Unix Industries is equipped with an experienced design team and provides interior and exterior decoration design services, especially kitchen design, in a professional manner.

Technical Specifications:

Design services are done offline, so we can receive orders from all over the country.

See examples of 3D decoration design here.

Also, CutUnix workshop, as one of the MDF dealers in Isfahan, can supply the sheets you need at a reasonable price.

Our colleagues at CutUnix workshop in Isfahan do their best to satisfy our dear customers. With one try, you will become our permanent customer.

MDF services provided in the workshop
Design portfolio
Urgent Consultation

To consult, order services and inquire about the updated price of the sheet, proceed through the following link:

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