֍ Order registration methods ֍

In addition to ordering MDF services in person, you can send your order to CutUnix workshop through the following communication methods:

֍ order registration form ֍

To receive advice and place an order, fill out the form below so that our experts will contact you.

֍ Steps from registration to delivery of the project ֍
ثبت سفارش

1- Order

Order through one of the methods of registration and presentation of dimensions

تایید ابعاد

2-Confirmation of dimensions

Processing and confirmation of the dimensions sent by the service workshop

تهیه ورق ام دی اف

3- sheet preparation

Coordinating the workshop to prepare the paper and related financial matters

اجرا سفارش

4- Execution of the order

Execution of the order by the workshop and coordination of the delivery time with the customer

بارگیری سفارش

5- order delivery

Coordinating to load and deliver the order to the customer

Note: If you place your order through the app, all the above steps can be seen online in the list of orders.

Get the price list for services in the Cut Unix workshop from the following link:

֍ Introduction of CutUnix app ֍

Cut Unix is the first specialized program for ordering MDF services

Cutting - edge banding - CNC - vacuum

Our support hotline is available 24 hours a day:

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