The policy of the workshop to provide services for MDF CutUnix.

who we are

CutUnix MDF service workshop started its activity since 1400 and is active in the building decoration industry, especially MDF and wood.

Equipping CutUnix workshop with advanced machines has made it the most equipped workshop in the west of Isfahan province.

Services provided in the workshop:

  • Cutting all kinds of sheets with an automatic panel machine
  • PVC edge gluing service with five station machine
  • Vacuum service with a double tray vacuum press machine
  • Cutting and Farsi with Durkan machine

In addition to the above, activities such as sheet sales, 3D design of kitchen and decoration, providing cutting dimensions and providing all kinds of accessories and interior decoration materials are carried out by the specialized staff of the workshop.

How to place an order for the workshop

In addition to ordering in person, there is the possibility of ordering online through one of the social networks or ordering through App Cut Unix for customers. From the contact us page, you can access the communication ways of the workshop.

Order delivery time

After confirming the dimensions and supplying the sheet, the time of delivery of the orders will be announced by the workshop and the workshop is committed to deliver all orders to the customer at the announced time.

Service price

The cost of the services performed in the workshop is calculated according to the rate approved by the carpenters’ union. For information on service prices, see the service tariff page.

We try to update the price of MDF sheet on the website, but due to high price fluctuations, please inquire about the price of the sheet before purchasing.

Obligations of the workshop

The workshop is obliged to deliver its orders to the customer safely and without defects at the appointed time. The damage caused by the mistake of the workshop staff or the defect of the machine can be compensated by the workshop.

Purchase policies from CutUnix store

We are always trying to update the price of MDF sheets on the site. But due to fluctuations, please contact support before purchasing and make sure of the sheet price.

The accessories available on the site are sold by production, so consider the delivery time of one to two weeks for each one.